Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are so much more than a web-building or content delivery system. We are experienced professionals in Pro AV that built a web-based Pro AV product/solution selling system.

    It’s a way to initiate and manage your support of channel partners who sell via web to either end users or other trade channels. For example, you can sell in a new market by offering a local distributor the ability to have their own website (under their local brand) yet populated with your products. Almost instantly when compared to waiting for the new distributor to budget for building a web site and engaging internal or external services to build it from scratch.

    We’ve built in all the digital tools that frustrate you with off-the-shelf solutions—or solutions you’ve tried to build with web builders that know nothing about our industry. We’ve also developed analytics that help you to dashboard what’s happening in your web channel sales.

    You’ll find we’ve anticipated some of the sales problems unique to the Pro AV industry and built digital solutions into our ORDERENTER system. We are all about SELLING ProAV in a digital age.

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  • We’re digital experts with the latest in data security. You are more likely to be vulnerable through human error (phishing attacks or loss of passwords) than hackers cracking our systems. Always keep your passwords secure and never share.

  • Never. Let’s repeat: never. Our business is a whole industry service that requires the trust of the industry and our community of Pro AV members who join ORDERENTER. It would be self-destructive to even contemplate third parties handling our data and your data. Never, because it is not in our best interest. Never, because it’s not in your best interest.

  • Companies of all sizes can participate and benefit. Small and medium companies probably benefit the most because they gain access to “big company” web sales tools. Let’s face it: today you need web presence to sell more. I

    The most important thing to remember is that it’s EASY. You ENTER, they ORDER.

  • If you try to build it on your own, it may take even more than a few months. With ORDERENTER you get the benefit of our experience with the industry and our technical experience. That’s why we call it a “platform;” it’s an already built stage that you can easily step up on and find your audience waiting to hear from you.

  • It’s hard work and not all companies know how to do it cost-effectively, but your channel customers really need your digital content because their customers are buying on-line, using digital info and tools to enter and order their Pro AV purchases. If you can’t get them timely updates, they lose time and customers. And you lose out to competitors who are either big enough to conquer digital marketing or clever enough to use a platform like ours.

    ORDERENTER is also a brand management tool. Too many companies lose brand control as various partners (and also their business partners) in different markets don’t respect brand guidelines.

  • We understand your problem and once faced the very same issues. Digital content sharing consumes so much time and resources, especially if you are trying to share your info one-to-one with your partners.

    With ORDERENTER, we’ve created a one-to-many solution that you ENTER once, and then all your partners have it instantly and can ORDER. It’s similar to the difference in sending emails out one mail at a time versus having an email broadcast technology system that sends the same message to hundreds or thousands.

    ORDERENTER brings you more brand loyalty because you will have made your web sales stress-free and fully functionable for your channel partners. It’s just good business: partners who are more loyal sell more.

  • You probably understand how much effort, time, and money it takes to prepare a good quality content. If you hire staff and do invest to build your own website, then maintenance is costly and unpredictable (as not many manufacturers automatically share their content, forcing you to spend time and money chasing it). Your staff is quickly overwhelmed with work—and want more staff!

    With our ORDERENTER system, we can extend your current digital footprint without the typical significant investment in more staff, more tools. You can offer clients the ability to use their content for web pages on your web site—or to have their own branded website in your language. ORDERENTER is a valuable tool to acquire and service your chosen vendors—as well as to increase your sales to your customers.

  • We can save you time and money from the efforts you would need to spend to create and manage these dedicated web pages. With our proven system, a distributor can move quickly on opportunities with a “plug and play” web page or web site that draws from your vendors’ digital resources. Updating is automatic so you concentrate on sales and not web site construction and maintenance. We provide this “web-as-a-Service” just as you might offer AV-as-a-Service.

  • ORDERENTER is the perfect solution for following up market opportunities. You can access vendor product info to create digital pages UNDER YOUR BRAND and easily populate those pages with the products and seamlessly connect you and your current website. You don’t need us (or anyone else) to create pages or a website because our system draws from your vendor’s digital product population.

  • Using the ORDERENTER system, you get a full operating ecommerce website with automated product updates at a monthly cost (cancellable anytime with 60 days notice) that is far, far below your own start-up and monthly run costs.

    At a fraction of the expenses you would face, we can help you join an industry where the majority of the sales are becoming digitally-enabled. You no longer have the miss the digital transformation because of the start-up hurdles of staff, expertise and budget.

    ORDERENTER allow you to bring together the digital assets or your various vendors, even though they may use different web technology. We offer the web platform, tools and support you need to make your digital life easier (and less expensive).

  • Yes, we do! ORDERENTER is built by Pro AV professionals with decades of sales experience. With our system, we do create websites and streamline the digital product info between you and manufacturers/distributors. The pricing and specifications for all your vendors are at your fingertips.