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B2B eCommerce Online Solution for the Pro AV Industry

London - Like you, we have worked in Pro AV. Like you, we faced many daily issues trying to collect product info for our own website, let alone in attempting to share our digital content in a timely fashion with a growing list of partners and the rest of the industry.

Then we built a digital system, a solution that solved all our digital marketing problems, and now most likely yours, too.

Just in time. Because B2B sales via digital is becoming the norm, not the exception.

Along the way we discovered many other tech industries have already faced and conquered the issue. We learned from them, but of course pro AV is unique in so many ways. At least, we saw their business model works and other industries have already populated their version of an OrderEnter.

OrderEnter is the first unified B2B solution dedicated to our professional audio-video market for building limitless digital sales channels, managing product information, optimizing digital content for sharing with partners, creating web stores in a single day, and solving numerous commercial issues in the modern digital sales process.

We understand the commercial issues, as well as the technical solutions

Our system can provide thousands of product descriptions within the product categories in the pro AV market. Product information can be updated immediately at all channel levels in every territory. We can also offer you affordable access to the different languages you may want.

Our advantages: cost reduction (in content creation, delivery, and staffing resources), market expansion (reach new markets digitally that you can’t reach otherwise), and increase sales (making buying easier by getting out product info and pricing faster, and in a format your partners can use).

We highly respect and understand the specific relations between suppliers, distributors, and resellers throughout the pro AV supply chain. Our platform offers the possibility to quickly launch a network of local B2B web stores promoting your key brands or to build faultless B2B web stores with a ready-made pro AV catalogue of your choosing. We can do this in a single market in a single language — or we can do this across multiple markets in languages of your choice.

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And we can do it affordably.

The reason you have so much trouble today is that digital creation and dissemination requires a new expertise, time and budget.

With OrderEnter, you won’t risk the big spend on building a web site and web tools for an uncertain result. And you can concentrate your efforts on making more business.

OrderEnter is an expert service that saves you from having to build an internal department (or work with undependable freelancers or expensive agencies). For a monthly fee, you can build your digital sales catalog affordably while increasing your sales.

It’s low risk, high reward service: simply, a better way to sell more digitally.

Digital web technologies change and the biggest companies with the biggest budgets can enjoy the latest tools and keep their digital footprints current. The rest of us are better off working with digital experts that update their services: then we can concentrate on our business and not on Google’s latest algorithm or the latest web technologies.

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We built OrderEnter for you. For the Pro AV industry.

OrderEnter is a better way to serve your channel customers who sell via web direct to end users or to other trade channels.

If you feel the pressure to join the digital era of sales, to keep up with your competition, to satisfy the demands of your partners for the latest changes in product info and pricing, and the clamor for more digital selling tools to help partners who find buyers want the ease of online buying—then we know how you feel, and we built OrderEnter for you.

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Discover more about how OrderEnter can help you based on your role

What We Believe

  • OrderEnter is much more than having a webstore: it is about digitizing your sales operations and using technology to drive your business growth.
  • It’s much easier and there’s less risk to ramp up your web sales with OrderEnter.
  • We believe in industry expertise. All our data specialists are from Pro AV, with in-depth product knowledge. They are the ones enriching the product data.
  • There is greater strength in a full pro AV industry solution than a hundred manufacturers’ individual efforts or even hundreds of distributors of different sizes.
  • We will never sell your data to anybody. We’re building a community of companies who want to join develop ecommerce and your trust is an important part of our community.
  • To buy online, you have to be able to search and find products by category and application. Yet the current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t understand Pro AV and our product integrations: you can’t find SEO enriched product content from manufacturers or distributor catalogues in our industry. The only way to have good SEO for Pro AV buyers is to build it from scratch, standardize it across the industry and maintain it diligently.
  • The user experience on your OrderEnter website should be on par with the industry’s biggest companies but tailored to your B2B business practices while providing timely pricing and accurate information.

What you can do with OrderEnter

  • Give your outside and inside salespeople an all-in-one digital sales tool for product knowledge, pricing, quota, deal registration, and customer order history.
  • Share your latest product info and pricing changes with your partners in an impressive timely manner and in a form they can use digitally.
  • Gain new customers thanks to broader availability, more timely information, better search functions, and higher visibility.
  • Reach those hard-to-get-to markets in Eastern Europe and elsewhere that you seldom travel to and lack boots-on-the-ground.
  • Increase your profitability thanks to our pricing engine and customer segmentation. OrderEnter is a tool for managing your web channels and amplifying their presence in their markets. It’s a new way to increase sales territories and sales.
  • Leverage our analytics from your channels to drive your business decisions thanks to our touchpoint integration with various web analytics for e-commerce.

Let’s get started

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