For Distributors

The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to increase your digital sales

OrderEnter is a Pro AV industry web solution which helps distributors increase digital sales (without adding staff), support an unlimited number of vendors, manage channel relationships, and control their own brand (as well as vendor brands) throughout all sales territories.

  • It’s built by Pro AV, for Pro AV
  • Easiest way to digitally deliver the latest, up-to-date information about the products you are selling to everyone throughout your supply chain
  • NO additional IT, NO marketing staff, NO extra hosting expenses, NO risk
  • Join this industry-wide web resource for better sales results in this fast-growing digital era

Other high-tech industries already have solutions similar to OrderEnter that we can point to as successful. They are so well-received, these service providers are considered essential services by distributors.

Of course, a system for Pro AV needs to be built by a team like OrderEnter. One that’s experienced in Pro AV products, sales and sales channels. A product info resource, OrderEnter is also a sales workflow tool that saves digital marketing budget and your staff’s time.

Sign up and join us: you’ll not only save your money and time, but you’ll also add a new resource that allows you to accelerate and expand digital sales for your vendors (while controlling your own brand web presence).

Grow Your Sales with Our Digital Solution

Today more and more business is done digitally as channel partners (and their end users) gain familiarity with the speed and simplicity of digital sales. Distributors are under constant pressure to add more staff for creating and managing digital content for their suppliers.

Distributors sometimes must pass on opportunities that require “bursts” of digital content creation because their departments can’t handle the overload. Sales managers regret their departments are bogged down with managing digital assets instead of the digital marketing and sales efforts.

Grow Your Sales with Our Digital Solution

What Distributors Can Do With OrderEnter

  • Solve the problem of chasing vendors for their latest product info & pricing to create the necessary web assets.
  • Reduce the constant pressure to add more digital marketing staff for content creation (and let your digital department focus on marketing and sales).
  • Get content, prices, stock availability directly from the manufacturers (and even other distributors) connected to our platform.
  • Create a catalogue (w/prices & stock availability) from your own vendor portfolio.
  • Automatically build a B2B web store (or new page) under your own domain from the vendor content provided (with our digital support).
  • Increase your local web presence with the quick and easy creation of modern B2B webstore for you and your Brands (now you won’t have to wait to go after opportunities that once required adding budget and staff).
  • If you have your own brand(s), protect the consistency of brand use by your channel partners by using the OrderEnter’s easy-to-use digital assets built in accordance with your brand guidelines.
  • Manage your client relationship: collect orders, project registration data, forecasts.
  • Easily duplicate local/regional web representatives to extend your sales coverage.
  • Create as many brand stores as you need.
  • Use the native B2B features: multi-level discounts, project registration, create product availability and pricing per customer (from you to your customers), receive and monitor product information and pricing updates (from manufacturers), pre-Integrated payment and delivery services, mobile device friendly, advanced B2B "back office” for internal company use with flexible user rules configuration, ERP integration (optional), WMS integration (optional).

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