For Manufacturers

A faster, more cost-effective way to bring your product info online - and onto a Pro AV platform where you and your channel partners can cooperate

OrderEnter is a Pro AV industry web solution to help manufacturers increase sales, share digital assets with partners, and control brand guidelines throughout sales territories.

  • It’s an easier solution for AV industry manufacturers to grow digital sales
  • NO additional IT, NO marketing staff, NO extra hosting expenses, NO risk
  • Join our critical industry-wide web resource for rapidly growing digital sales

You’ll be able to do more sales in your current markets - and reach markets you’ve never had access to before. You can pop up websites for those hard-to-reach markets—in the customer's language—and reach key Pro AV customers.

Your partners will appreciate the support. We enter your product info into our system, and the system provides digital assets that can be automatically distributed. The type of digital assets that third-party sales need the most to sell in the digital era. 

Grow Your Sales with Our Digital Solution

Other high-tech industries already have solutions similar to OrderEnter that we can point to as successful. They are so well-received, these service providers are considered essential services by manufacturers.

But a system for Pro AV like OrderEnter needs to be built by a team like ours. One that’s experienced in Pro AV products, sales and sales channels. OrderEnter, a product info resource, is also a sales workflow tool that saves your budget and your staff’s time.

Sign up and join us: you’ll not only save you money and time, but you’ll also add a new resource that allows you to accelerate and expand your digital sales while controlling your brand web presence.

Grow Your Sales with Our Digital Solution

What You Can Do With OrderEnter?

  • It’s EASY to accelerate your sales online. Share your product info with us and we’ll get you online in an industry-wide platform
  • You get your latest product info online - and in a platform that automates digital asset creation and distribution. Multiply your web presence.
  • There’s no waiting to send out a spec or pricing change to all your partners that are selling online…
  • With NO additional efforts, you can automatically share your latest updated product information immediately with all channel levels in every territory (new products, discontinued products, price changes, software updates, and more)
  • Control how your brand is presented by partners by offering ready-made digital assets that meet your brand guidelines
  • Optimize product search (the system organizes your product content in a proper Pro AV taxonomy which structures the search for your product content), enabling pro AV buyers to find more easily what they need and then order it)
  • Quickly launch a network of local B2B web stores (overnight!) under your own domain
  • Automatically distribute your sales catalogue to others (distributors, dealers, integrators): content, prices, stock availability
  • Open a new website with a local domain in one day
  • Easily create digital stores under your domain for hard-to-reach markets
  • Further enrich content with the help of local partners (including local language translation)
  • Better coordination with your channels with our system’s built-in workflow process for project registration
  • Use our analytics to report on your product sales and popularity across your distribution channels

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